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Mission critical behaviours for high performance teams

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​Mutual Trust is a foundational element of a healthy team. Trust is an important conversation because of the dependencies we have as a team in accomplishing our goals Trust is easily understood but hard to create as it is a consequence of attitude and actions that we need to demonstrate consistently towards each other.
And it is particularly difficult when we have a team of diverse individuals who all have different opinions, personalities, experiences and so on. And that is why a conversation about Trust is inherently bound to involve conversation around genuine Respect for such differences.

In this module we take a deep dive into foundational aspects of Trust and Respect as ‘Mission Critical’ behaviours for high performance teams and we do so with 2 very powerful and engaging activities- Lean Up and The Value Continuum.


​Lean Up is an activity where the teams must work together to place rings on a pole with hooks. There are points corresponding to each of the hooks which are positioned at a fair distance from the start line. Each member takes turns to place the rings as high as he/she can, with the support of the team. There are also certain rules and constrains that the teams have to work with in this activity.

Value Continuum is a powerful activity that highlights the contours of diversity that exist within a team. The members of the team must place themselves at various points of a ‘U‘-shaped layout - The Continuum, depending on the degree of agreement to statements placed at the 2 ends of the ‘U’. These statements are designed to be seemingly divergent and will be placed on either sides of the layout.

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