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The difference between leaders and followers

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​Problem Solving & Decision-Making are important skills for business and life. It refers to the ability to collect and analyze information to make effective decisions. Problem solving is more than just about being good at ones job. Demonstrating good problem-solving skills involves use of clear, logical steps and excellent judgment to understand an issue from all angles before executing an action.
This module on Problem Solving & Decision-Making focusses on the key behaviours one needs to imbibe to master this competency. Through a specially designed activity you will be able to challenge your participants to demonstrate their ability to solve problems and take effective decisions. Through a detailed facilitator debrief guide we help to bring up conversations around the critical behaviours to practice for sound Problem Solving & Decision-Making.


​In this activity, teams have to roll a certain number of balls on special strings and drop them in designated containers in a given time frame. And they do this by holding the looped string across a perimeter and widening the string at the appropriate spot so that the ball can fall into the container.

There are several strings and containers both inside and outside the perimeter creating multiple options for execution. The activity is conducted over several one-minute rounds which allow teams to modify /change their plan and approaches so as to get the best results.

Teams which spend time in planning so to be able to identify the best performing pairs on the strings and adapting to support only those strings demonstrate the characteristics of the competency.

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