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Those who own get ahead.

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​Business today expects far more from employees than just technical and generic skills. There is a growing emphasis on employees to not just do their job but to contribute to business success. In order to contribute to business success everybody needs to demonstrate a high degree of Accountability. Teams need to have the drive to improve performance over past accomplishments, outperform or surpass past benchmarks.
Demonstrating Ownership is about taking accountability for result and not just tasks. It also means driving others to do the same for a common purpose. It is to be able to see beyond your own piece of work in the context of the bigger picture.
Through a highly engaging and insightful activity you will get participants to understand the key behavioural dimensions required to demonstrate Accountability & Shared Ownership.


​In this simulated activity of a traffic jam, the team is spilt into two and made to stand in two rows facing each other (>>>>> __ <<<<<) with one open spot in the middle. The challenge for the team is to get to the other side by using the empty spot in between.
Teams are given a preparation time to chalk out their strategies and practice their movements. Once they are ready, they need to demonstrate the movements to change their direction but in complete silence.  

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