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Challenge, Disrupt, Grow… Everyday

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Innovation today, is not ‘a nice to have’ but ‘a need to have’ competency for any professional, irrespective of position, profile or industry (yes, even the government) to remain relevant and successful today. Innovation is not only about big new disruptive products or services. It is as much about constantly challenging our present and the way we operate at work every day.

This module helps your participants understand their own inherent barriers such as inertia for change, the comfort zone and overcoming the naysayers. More importantly it enables them with steps to make innovation happen on ground and imbibe it as a habit.

Through a simulation you will challenge your participants to constantly challenge status quo and create innovative solutions in a highly process driven and constraint filled environment much like a large organization. The activity also helps to demonstrate the power of continuous innovation and how small innovations can lead to exponential growth.

All the participants are critical quality checkpoints in the manufacturing of a bestselling product. Recently changed customer demands require them to exponentially improve the output without any new resources and any constraints.

A perimeter with 2 containers serves as the quality check Assembly line. In the start container there are raw materials that need to follow a prescribed process so as to be converted into finished goods and deposited in the end container. Teams are challenged to keep increasing their output at every round so that they are forced to think outside the box

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