Campus to Corporate Essentials- Half Day

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​Campus to Corporate 

Half Day Workshop 

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Aimed at the fresh graduates entering the workplace, this workshop is designed to be a part of the organisation’s induction program. These could be graduates (GTs), Engineers (GETs) or MTs ( MBAs, Post Graduates). While functional skills are covered in the academics as well as on the job, behavioral skills is a segment that definitely needs special focus. This half day workshop covers some of the foundational behaviors that will give them a head start in their journey.


Competencies Covered

  • Execution Excellence
  • Communication beyond Skills
  • Collaboration

Module Inclusions

  • 1 set of 3 Activity kits
  • Facilitator Manuals
  • Participant handbooks
  • Facilitator PPT
  • Access to online platform with AV guide

Workshop Requirements

  • Team Size: 16-30
  • Area: 20x20 Ft +
  • Location: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Total Duration: 6-7 hours
  • Execution Excellence
  • Communication beyond Skills
  • Session Focus: Communication is not just about getting the message across to others but also about achieving the intended action. This session explores the behaviours critical to communicating for results such as clarity in objective, empathy, seeking feedback and more. The learning conversation goes beyond the theoretical aspects of communication as a skill.
  • Activity in Focus: Strand-ed: In this activity, the teams have to transport a ball from one specified location to another using a ring connected to strings that they can hold to manoeuvre the ball. There are certain constraints that makes this activity a complex and layered one.
  • Learning Connect: This activity helps participants reflect the foundational behaviors of communication to get the intended action done. Observations in the activity drive critical conversations around active listening, empathy and more. It can in turn help the teams develop a method of communication that works for them.

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