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Being good at what you do ≠ getting things done

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This module is about getting your participants to understand the big difference between being good at what you do and getting things done. How delivering results has become a much valued skill in this era of ambiguity and constant change is a key aspect of this module. What is it about people who have a knack of getting things done that others find difficult? What are the behaviours they demonstrate that others don’t?

Using this module, you’ll be able to give your participants a clear understanding of what being Result Oriented means and how it is different from the ‘effort’ mindset and ‘task’ orientation. Through an exciting activity, you’ll be able to drive key learnings about Result Orientation and the importance of being rigorous, involving all stakeholders, being open to change and more.


​In this ROI driven game, the participants must cross a marsh of sinking sand using special mats. There would be 2 sizes of the mats and each mat will have a cost associated with it. There will be points given to the team for each person crossing over to the other side of the marsh.
There are certain rules as to how the teams can handle the mats and the number of mats they can use. Breaking rules results in loss of mats and thus changing the scenario constantly.  The objective of the game is to make sure that the members cross over to the other side while maximizing the points gained and minimizing the expense on the mats.

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