The fluid and rapidly changing business climate of today has made collaboration a critical success factor for business to see their strategies and plans to fruition. No wonder it’s one of most popular and sought after module. 

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Innovation today, is not ‘a nice to have’ but ‘a need to have’ competency for any professional, irrespective of position, profile or industry (yes, even the government) to remain relevant and successful today.

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​Bringing your A-Game into any customer interaction, both internal and external, is a pressing necessity. Every customer interaction, be it positive or negative, is an opportunity to shine and the organizations that recognize this powerful element win customers who stay for life. 

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What is it about people who have a knack of getting things done that others find difficult? What are the behaviours they demonstrate that others don’t? How delivering results has become a much valued skill in this era of ambiguity and constant change is a key aspect of this module.

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The transition for young managers from an operational role to that of leading a team has become the biggest competitive advantage to any organization today. As the focus shifts from ‘doing to getting things done’, young managers have to adopt a new set of behaviours.

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There is a growing emphasis on employees to not just do their job but to contribute to business success. In order to contribute to business success everybody needs to demonstrate Ownership, which is about taking accountability for result and not just tasks. It also means driving others to do the same for a common purpose.

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Problem Solving & Decision-Making are important skills for business and life. Problem solving is more than just about being good at ones job. Demonstrating good problem-solving skills involves use of clear, logical steps and excellent judgment to understand an issue from all angles before executing an action.

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Mutual Trust is a foundational element of a healthy team. With Trust & Respect comes the freedom to take liberties within limits and the belief that each of the team members is equally invested in the end result.  And the conversation of Trust is incomplete without genuine Respect for Diversity.

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In an organization context, communication is not just about getting your message across. Rather, it’s about achieving the intended result. A communication loop is only complete when there are results to show. Individuals can achieve so much more when they alter their very definition of good communication.

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Execution Excellence

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a good professional is his/her ability to see well-laid plans through to Execution. But mere execution lacks the stamp of excellence that is fitting for customers or the organization or even the individuals. Teams need to recognize the behaviors to move the focus from just execution to execution excellence

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