Team Building 101 – Half Day

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Team Building 101

Half Day Workshop

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This workshop is aimed at basic foundational behaviors that are necessary for building great teams. Every individual working in a team environment needs to actively demonstrate some behaviors which we will be discussing in this workshop. Activities and tools in this workshop will help the participants understand and change their behaviors and bring context to their work.


Competencies Covered

  • Trust & Respect for Diversity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration Mindset

Module Inclusions

  • 1 set of 3 Activity kits
  • Facilitator Manuals
  • Participant handbooks
  • Facilitator PPT
  • Access to online platform with AV guide

Workshop Requirements

  • Team Size: 16-30
  • Area: 20x20 Ft +
  • Location: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Total Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Trust & Respect for Diversity
  • Communicating for Results
  • Collaboration
  • Session Focus: In this module we take a deep dive into foundational aspects of Trust and Respect as ‘Mission Critical’ behaviours for high performance teams and we do so with 2 very powerful and engaging activities- Lean Up and The Value Continuum.
  • Activity Connect: Lean Up & Value Continuum: Lean Up is an activity where the teams must work together to place rings on a pole with hooks. There are points corresponding to each of the hooks which are positioned at a fair distance from the start line. Each member takes turns to place the rings as high as he/she can, with the support of the team. There are also certain rules and constrains that the teams have to work with in this activity.
    Value Continuum is a powerful activity that highlights the contours of diversity that exist within a team. The members of the team must place themselves at various points of a ‘U‘-shaped layout - The Continuum, depending on the degree of agreement to statements placed at the 2 ends of the ‘U’. These statements are designed to be seemingly divergent
    and will be placed on either sides of the layout.
  • Learning Connect:In LEAN UP as each member stretches out to do more and reach further, they realize that they are only as good as the rest of the team that enables them.  How winning trust of the team-mates enables the person to stretch further is reverse engineered in conversation around specific behaviours that need to be demonstrated consistently to help win that trust.
    VALUE CONTINUUM reveals the grey that is behaviour and personality and how differences affect opinions on everyday issues.  This activity helps demonstrates the inherent diversity in a team that we may not acknowledge. And that people make opposing choices or have divergent opinions not because they want to but because they are just being themselves.

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