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From Serving to Delighting customers

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Bringing your A-Game into any customer interaction, both internal and external, is a pressing necessity. Every customer interaction, be it positive or negative, is an opportunity to shine and the organizations that recognize this powerful element win customers who stay for life.

This module deals with various aspects of customer centricity, and how teams can move from serving customers to delighting customers, as a habit. Customer Centricity involves not only having a strong foundation of SOPs & Processes but also moving beyond to demonstrating empathy, shared ownership and more. Through a specially designed activity you can help your learners gauge where they stand as individuals or as a team w.r.t to these fundamental behaviours and also identify areas of improvement.


• Customer worst case scenario kit consisting of 35 prefabricated re-usable speech bubbles and name tags
• Scoring sheets
• Instruction manual on how to run the activity and the watch-out areas of the activity.
• A comprehensive Facilitator guide to help you conduct the session and draw the learnings from the observed behaviors to the competency of customer centricity.
• Tools that will help you complete the learning cycle by making the participants contextualize customer centricity to their own job roles and create commitments to change that can be shared and monitored.

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